Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I knew this day would come, I just didn't think it would come so soon. My friend, Steve died early yesterday. My last "newsy-chatty" email from him came a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. Once more, the purpose of the email was to encourage/goad/push me to get back to writing this blog. I replied with an email filled with all sorts of excuses; some of which are valid, some of which have to do with legitimate circumstances. I never wrote, "But hey, Steve, how do I get back into the blog when I've been away from it for so long?" but I sure was thinking it. In case someone other than Steve has been checking up on this blog, here's the status of my writing life. I have eight chapters of the next novel about Karl and Maggie and Jacob started, but something keeps tellng me that I need to know where the plot is going and since I can't seem to get at that, I'm stuck. (Never mind that I didn't know where "Eddie's Wake" was going when I started it.) In honor of National Novel Writing Month (which is November every year) I started something new, about Eddie and Will and how they met and what brought them together. I'm liking it, so far, but other than the most likely parameters, I don't know where it's going, either. But I am committed to working on it as often as possible, if not daily. Challenges: it's hard to NOT write an Eddie Stern who is really Karl Stern in disguise. How do I make them different? Even though Eddie is younger than Will by a couple of years, at the start of "Best Friends" he is much more serious and adult than Will is. Will, reveling in his escape from his father, Henry J. Denver, and his snotty older brother, Jacob, is more like a kid. I need a better working title than "Best Friends," but for the moment, it will have to do. I have thought about blogging a novel - whether "Best Friends" or the sequel to "Eddie's Wake." I'll ask readers to give their input, understanding that what shows up on the blog may not be what shows up in the novel. I'll ask questions about what might happen next, or what you think this or that character should be like. I know, this sounds like I would be giving away the novel for nothing, but in this day of electronic publishing, is that so bad? If and when I do this, I will blast out the news on facebook and will email everyone I can think of. This blog may turn into a static website about "Eddie's Wake," which is still near and dear to my heart. So, Steve, I'm doing what you've been on my case to do. Somehow, I know you already know this, if you're not too busy gawking at the glories of heaven. But I will surely miss your comments and jokes. Rest in peace, old friend. See you on the other side.