Friday, June 12, 2009

Dry Places

I returned the galley edits for Eddie's Wake on Monday. Today is Friday. Other than that, my week has been pretty unproductive. I sure would like to start writing again, but it's like trying to decide whether or not to make that phone call when you know your company will show up as soon as you do.
I'm thinking about some marketing ideas... visiting book clubs, sitting with a pile of my books in a coffee house, looking for new ways to get "out there" through the internet, sending copies to famous people(?), peddling them to artsy shops. If you, readers and followers, have any ideas - please leave a comment or email me.
Before I put the sprinkler on my already-dry garden, I couldn't resist taking a shot of the above moss-roses. They are amazing little plants that flourish even when it's dry.


CarolS said...

Sometimes my comments won't post. This is a test.

CarolS said...

How will you announce the "now available for purchase" copies of Eddie's Wake? Will we get a broadcast email? I hope so! Can't wait to get a final copy in my hands!!

C. A. Peterson said...

Yes, I'll send a broadcast email; I'll also announce it on this blog with a link for ordering, and I will also announce it on my FB page. I'm hoping to hold some local event as well.

Cristy Fossum said...

Hey, Carol. Just catching up with you after a spell. In fact, I'm adding your blog address to my "blogs I follow" on my blog profile.

I'm still so excited about seeing EDDIE"S WAKE "soon." Wow. I've had two launches and enjoyed each one immensely, though the second one in April was, disappointingly, a much smaller event. Refreshments and readings enhanced. I enlisted others to present dramatic readings of excerpts. Well-received. Hope you get this; I'm never sure if my comments post.