Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"We're On Our Way!"

No photos for this post... (Can't think of anything to use. Maybe if I had a photo of a car...) We're on our way! Eddie's Wake is in production. In a few more weeks, we should have books. Yay!
Thanks for reading.


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MLH said...

Good luck and I pray all goes well with your upcoming book. I can't wait to BUY A COPY!!

We are connected in that Dave did my cover also, "The Choice That Haunts Forever." Reviews & sales have been excellent.

Check out my site & an overview of the book: www.holyspiritplace.com Also, (www.thechoicethathaunts forever.com is being developled now.
God Bless you & if I can help, do not delay in contacting me.

Maurice L. Huff, Educator & Author

MLH said...

Keep up the great work. Dave designed my cover as well.


Can't wait to buy your book.

Maurice L. Huff