Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Cake - for Me?

Well, I did share it! It was the afternoon treat when I attended a book group at a golf resort with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago. (The rocks were yummy - like m&ms!) I was amazed to see my name on the events sign at the entrance to the park. I was really amazed to see 33 people in the clubhouse, waiting to hear what I had to say about Eddie's Wake, waiting to ask some great questions. It was fun, but kind of embarrassing, too.

Soon we'll have a book celebration at our church for friends and family. We sent out 50+ invitations today! What will I fix to feed all these people? Wish I had time to make Maggie's apple pie. True comfort food, if it ever existed.

And tomorrow, I'll be talking to a reporter from the local newspaper, who wants photos.

This is all fun and exciting, but I want to remember - and maybe you can help me with this - that writing Eddie's Wake was never meant to be about me. Yes, I love writing, and I'm antsy to start the next book, but that's not what this is about, either.

I wrote Eddie's Wake for every person who has lost a loved one, who has pined for someone who no longer walks on this earth; it's about everyone who knows first hand what "vain longing" is like. Eddie's Wake might be a good read, but it's supposed to bring the message that life goes on and healing happens - even though the scars of loss never really go away. It's about love, and how true love comes about in the strangest ways. It's about how love does, indeed, conquer a whole host of problems, or at least make them a bit more bearable. Most of all, it's about how the love of God trumps all.

No, Eddie's Wake is not about me. It's all about you, my friends.
May peace be with you.

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