Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today - January 7, 2011 - is my grandmother's birthday. She was born in 1897, which would make her... let's see... 114 years old! I had Grandma in mind, at least part of the time, when I wrote about Maggie Stern. Maggie was born in 1897 as well.
Grandma (Clara) always wanted to fill us up when we came to visit. Each dish on the table was passed around under her eagle eye again and again. "Go on, have some more," she would say in her crackly "cherman" (German) old lady voice. "What's wrong, aren't you hungry?" she would ask if you said "no thanks" to anything. I am amazed that anyone got home without falling asleep at the wheel because we were soooo full of food!

I wonder if my Mom, now very forgetful, will notice what day it is today? I think we should celebrate in some small way.

I am finally getting back to writing. The journey through my family trauma-drama has taken a toll on me, even though those more directly involved than I are doing much better. The clouds seem to be parting, however. The maddening thing about this writer's block has been that I've been out of work, and I've been feeling like I need to take advantage of the time off by writing. It feels like the clock has been ticking.

No calls or churches on the horizon, but I am doing a little supply preaching. I am going to be the mother of the groom this summer. My kids are doing well. Tom is working and we hope it will continue through April and beyond. (He's a contract employee.) I've been able to enjoy the unique personality of each one of our cats. They give us a lot to laugh about. So life is pretty good.

New Year peace and blessings to all!

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Kristina said...

Hi Carol,

I love your blog! It's good to see your writing again. I think your post would have made your Grandma very happy. Since having a new baby, I have a new appreciation for all that Grandparents do. Peace as you continue the journey with your mom - and with your writing and ministry.
Kristina - Iron River