Friday, April 3, 2009

I Did What I Could

Greetings, everyone! It has been nearly a month since I wrote and there are too many reasons to explain why -- another trip to Michigan, family needs, Lent, Eddie's Wake, Lent, family...

The BIG news today is that the line edits are finished; I've cleaned up everything on the manuscript I could see that needed fixing. There may be other errors, but I will have to catch them when the galleys come for me to proof. If I had an extra $1500 laying around, I might hire someone to do it professionally, but I don't have the cash.

Now I am working on summaries , headlines, synopses and all manner of other little "book reporty" things I need to submit to the publisher. I used to write a lot of book reports for school, but it's been years... And have you ever tried to write a book report about a book you wrote? For some reason, I am finding it daunting. But I did decide on the size of the book - 5.5" X 8.5". My goal is to have a publication party or open house or some other kind of event before August 1, 2009. It takes about 90 days from submission to publication, which means I'll need to have everything in to Outskirts Press by May 1.

My latest trip to Michigan was under difficult circumstances. I am so blessed that the congregation I serve gave me emergency family leave and allowed me to miss two Lenten midweek services and one Sunday. And they prayed for me and my mom and my brother! Other family and friends, did, too and I want to thank you all. My concern for my mother's well being and my brother's many health issues, both physical and emotional was overwhelming. I learn it again and again - when I don't have well thought out prayers, or any prayers at all, there's someone else who is doing it for me.

Sleeping in my mom's "antique bedroom" gave me ten days to look at one of my favorite family portraits: my maternal grandmother with her parents. Grandma was born in 1897, so I think the photo was taken in 1898 or so. I was able to take a digital picture of it and have included it with this post.

Hopefully - even with Holy Week and Easter next week - I'll be able to write again much sooner than last time. Until then - blessings!

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