Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle

Like so many others, I have been watching the amazing performance of Susan Boyle that' s been playing on TV news and on You Tube. I have never cared for the nasty attempts to humiliate performers on "American Idol;" and now it's counterpart, "Britain's Got Talent." It is clear that "Simon" (whoever he is) was ready to do it again during the pre-performance interview with Susan. "What is your dream?" "To be a professional singer." "And what has kept you from that, do you think?" It seems to me that he and the audience were waiting for her to say, "Because I am middle aged and not very attractive." I loved her response: something like, "Because I've never had the chance and I'm hoping this is it." The audience snickered and looked at one another as if they were saying, "Can you believe this?"

But Susan triumphed. I only hope that she didn't die a little inside as the judges waited for her to fail, hands poised over those red "CUT!" buttons. She is feisty and confident and a beautiful jewel of a person, and would be even if she couldn't sing like a Nightingale.

And somehow, she so reminds me of Maggie's best friend, Will Denver's wife, Bernie, from Eddie's Wake. It makes me love her even more! I, for one, hope to see and hear a lot more from Susan in the future.

Yes, she's a jewel of a person, that's for sure.

And the truth is, in God's eyes, so is "Simon" with his handsome bod and stuck up attitude. Both loved, both treasured, both creatures of the same God.

I could almost hear God chuckle as Susan sang her heart out. You go, girl!

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