Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jumping up and down excited!

Greetings! Spring has arrived: the tulips are poking up through the soil; the bluebirds are back; the binoculars have found their place onto my desk, so I can watch the bluebirds; the grass is in that brownish-greenish state that promises true green with a little rain, and there's rain in the forecast for the weekend. And if all that wasn't enough... Dave Aldrich, who has designed the cover for "Eddie's Wake" has posted it on his blog as part of a slide show and will soon have it on his website. If you'd like to see it go to Aldrich Design Blog.
I am also hoping to submit the manuscript to the publisher today or tomorrow. When will books be available? Late this summer --I hope.

I will spare you a photo of me jumping up and down excited (no time for a visit to the chiropractor.) The photo above is Lake Superior from the shoreline of Bob's Cabins in Larsmont, MN. It's our favorite get-away place, also the place where I finished the first draft of "Eddie's Wake."

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